Course curriculum

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    • The Bief in Mulitiple Realities: What does it mean?

    • Principle of Preparation

    • Three reasons why having small sample size is enough

    • Essence of conducting a follow-up interview

    • How many participants is enough?

    • Open-ended Survey or Interview: Which one should you choose for your qualitative study?

    • Essentials of Qualitative Research

    • Ten Skills every Qualitative Researcher should Have

  3. 3
    • Phenomenological Approach: How to use it (PART 1)

    • About Phenomenological Approach (Part 2)

    • Utilizing a Phenomenological Approach: Four Main Roles of a Qualitative Researcher

    • How to Think like a Phenomenologist

    • Thinking like a Phenomenologist (pdf)

    • The Art of Observation

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    • What is action research?

    • What kinds of soft skills do you need to effectively conduct your action research?

    • Why should we conduct literature review when doing action research?

    • How do you determine the purpose of your action research study?

  8. 8
    • What is program evaluation?

    • Why Program Evaluation is a Type of Research

    • What are the types of program evaluation?

    • Types of Research

  9. 9
    • Conducting Text Analysis

    • Types of Automated Text Analysis

    • Free Qualitative Data Analysis Software

    • When to Conduct Automated Text Analysis

    • Article: Understanding the Use, Strengths and Limitations of Automated Text Analysis

  10. 10
    • The long-standing power of waiting and how it can reshape you as a person

    • Simplifying disseration chapters

    • Simplifying Disseration Chapters

    • Six Ways of Interpreting your Qualitative Findings